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Swift Keyboard is the most convinient tool for creating keyboard shortcuts so called "hot keys" not available in standard operating system. This software enables you to create personal combinations of keyboard keys associated with desired action in operating system. Swift Keyboard combines simple and original user interface with realibility. You will save a tremendous amount of time and effort accelerating your work with "hot keys".
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Swift keyboard

The Swift Keyboard is a hot key manager. Program allows you to select combination of keyboard keys and associate with it particular action. Combination is stored in computers memory. Later while working on the computer when you press one of the stored combinations, action is executed. Program can store as many combinations of keys as you want. Here are the actions program can automate for you:

ScreenshotsThe program has comprehensive and intuitive user interface. It allows adding new combination, modifying existing one or removing one no longer in use. Additionally Swift Keyboard can inform you whenever disc is in CD-ROM
or not. Program supports different skins if you would like to change appearance of user interface. Multiple languages are also supported.

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Using this program you will be able to quickly automate your work improve functionality and save time in one step !

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